Unlocking Value: A Developing History

In 2008, with financial and real estate markets in chaos, Diversified Pacific Opportunity Fund emerged with more than $60 million in private capital. This liquidity opened a wide range of investment options which the Fund continues to pursue today.

The Fund is structured as a blind investment pool operating over a 10 year investment horizon. The model allows us the flexibility to purchase and cultivate assets for maximum value, regardless of market pressures, by leveraging four key strengths: 

LIQUIDITY—A major competitive edge in today’s real estate market, our liquidity allows us to close on acquisitions quickly, at substantial discounts, often in the face of higher competing bids. 

AGILITY—Our knowledge of past and current asset values allows us to capitalize on an exceptionally broad range of opportunities. We have the flexibility to invest with changing conditions and to move on investments quickly, without the constraints of large, legacy laden organizations.

RELATIONSHIPS— Through long standing ties with financial institutions and property owners, the Fund cultivates and maintains access to a wide range of prime assets within its target markets. 

DEVELOPMENT—Because the Fund is managed by builders rather than money managers, it can target and cultivate assets more effectively, developing finished lots and building homes as necessary to unlock hidden value in any market cycle.

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